Are Managed IT Services Worth It?

You are probably getting mixed messages if you are thinking about outsourcing IT services for your business. There is a lot of conflicting information, but the most important question you probably have is whether outsourcing will really save you money.

If you decide there are advantages to outsourcing, you will want to get started right away. You will be surprised when you see how much impact outsourcing actually has on your company’s organization.

Old-Fashioned In-House IT Departments

It was only natural before outsourcing became widely available that most companies had their own IT departments. There are a lot of advantages to having an IT department that is basically just another office within the company, such as the relationship you may develop with individuals you see every day.

However, in-house IT departments are expensive. When you are solely responsible for everything related to IT, you will be responsible for purchasing all the equipment, including costly storage solutions. You will have to buy all the latest software and security patches, and you will probably be stuck paying the higher individual prices instead of being able to take advantage of group discounts. 

Experienced, Top-Notch Techs

Your in-house IT department will need to be staffed by full-time technicians who are trained in all the latest technology and issues, and who will be available when you need help. The salary alone will be pricey, as IT is a highly competitive field right now. You can probably find someone willing to work for less who has all the right certifications, but finding someone with the right experience is another matter entirely.

Information technology changes rapidly, and if you have your own staff, you will be responsible for providing the necessary training so their skills are up-to-date.

Pooled Knowledge

When you outsource your IT services, you don’t just get the services of one technician or a few who may be assigned to help your business. The IT company that is handling your managed services has other technicians who all have experience working in the field, and who have specific knowledge of your kinds of problems.

One of the most important parts of IT work is documenting the solution any time a technician solves an issue, and all those solutions are saved and readily available for when they, or another technician working for the group, runs across a similar issue.

Proactive Solutions and Support

Traditional IT support was more likely to wait until there was a problem and then reacting to it. With outsourcing, you have more resources and more eyes watching.

When you have a proactive approach, you can deal with a problem before it becomes a problem. Your operation will be smoother, and your equipment less likely to suffer a total breakdown. That means your clients won’t feel the frustration of your technical difficulties and move on to another company instead of waiting.

If you want to be competitive, you have to be the best. Taking advantage of the benefits of managed IT services is one way to stay ahead of your competition.