5 Types Of Most Popular TV Wall Mounts That You Can Buy

Television wall mounts are necessary in terms of a number of things including the following.

  • TV wall mounts make a room look bigger and better designed since when the TV gets mounted on the wall, there’s a lot of free space to walk around.
  • TV wall mounts can be fitted at a certain height and angle so that they offer maximum comfort for your neck, eyes, back, and shoulders.
  • TV wall mounts are the best ways to safely hang a television and increase its life by reducing the damage that the screen and the sides are exposed to with pets and kids in the house.

5 Most Popular TV Wall Mounts And Their Unique Features

Since TV wall mounts are of different kinds, you can always find one that’s perfect for your needs and fits within your set budget. The 5 types listed below will cover all your needs.

  1. Heavy-duty Tilting Curved & Flat Panel TV Wall Mount – This TV wall mount for big screen at Primecables.ca can easily hold 37″ to 70″ inch flat screen TVs. With a 10° angle to move the television up and down, this wall mount is made with heavy gauge and durable steel that is able to support three times the weight as that by normal TV mounts.
  2. Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount – With a stunning -20°~+10° tilt angle and a swivel that moves 60° towards the left and right directions, both, this TV mount can support 37″ to 70″ flat screen LEDs and LCDs up to 50 kgs.
  3. Angle Free Tilt Mount With A Safety Lock – This television wall mount is strong and can hold about 40 kgs easily. Besides, the mount can be moved by ±10° up and down so that you can adjust the height of the TV sets. Also, it securely holds LED/LCD/PDP TV sets between 26″- 55″.
  4. Elegant Slim Full-motion Wall Mount – Having the capacity to hold 26″ to 55″ flat screen televisions up to the weight of 40 kgs, this slim full-motion wall mount has a space of 6.8 cm from the wall. Also, it can be moved 60º right as well as left to let you have a perfect viewing angle.
  5. TV Wall Mount Tilting Bracket – This particular wall mount bracket can support up to 75 kgs of flat screen and plasma TV sets between 37 to 70 inches. With a downwards tilt angle of 15°, this wall mount bracket sits 38 mm from the wall.