4 Essential Functions of Your Hr Software

An Hr Software is a must-have application for any company. Your HR department cannot function effectively and efficiently without such a system. Since HR functions and relevant rules keep evolving with time, you should choose your HR program carefully. Consider these essential functions when evaluating a system.

1. Payroll & Taxes

An HR application should essentially have support payroll and taxes. It should allow you to integrate all your tax deduction and filing practices. When it comes to payroll management, it should cover everything including:

  • Statutory requirements
  • Employee finances
  • Expense management
  • Advances, loans, bonuses & other payments

2. Employee Management

The program should allow easy and quick employee management. This includes everything from hiring to managing to analysis of human resources. You should be able to plan your workforce based on the workload demands. This should include areas like:

  • Employee data
  • Employee roles & responsibilities
  • History
  • Headcount management
  • Schedule configuration
  • Compensation

3. Performance Management

Your HR and Payroll Software should also provide performance management tools. This includes automation of appraisal process and keeping track of and recording goals. Some of the other areas that should be covered by such a software include big data gathering, talent management functions, competency framework, and performance feedback among others.

4. Time, Attendance & Leave Management

Modern systems support biometric identification for time keeping and link it with payroll. Your software should include the following time and attendance modules:

  • Time keeping management
  • Attendance tacking
  • Biometric systems
  • Features for managing field workers

The application should also support leave and absence management modules. It should automatically track and record leaves and absences for different reasons. It should also support an approval process.

Besides these features and functions, your HR system should also have email reminders and excellent reporting capabilities. It should also have scheduling features for meetings and shifts. It should be flexible and future-ready.